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BritPod is a Podcast, that is, it’s cast over pods.

“I’m sold! I’ve always wanted to get something cast over my pod but was afraid to ask. How’d I get my grimy little mits on it?”

The easiest way to tune into the show is to get iTunes, then follow this link to go to the iTunes page for BritPod, where you can simply hit Subscribe to get BritPod rammed down your device of choice whenever a new show goes live.

Sometimes BritPod comes to you as a video, in those cases, as well as being downloaded over the podcast feed as usual, you can view the show on YouTube.

Finally, if you use a different app for your Podcast feeds, the RSS url is:





“Wait a minute, I’ve been a subscriber for years and there hasn’t been a new episode in my iTunes in <insert number of months, years or decades>, I thought you guys were dead”

There are a number of reasons why iTunes can decide not to download BritPod. If your BritPod listing has a ! or doesn’t show the latest shows from the main page, then it’s pooched.

Simply click the link above for the iTunes store listing, and resubscribe.

“Can I listen online in my browser? I’m a lazy twat..”

You sure can twatfeatures!

“I’ve purchased old shows from the BritPod Episode Store™, hows that work?”

The shows you purchase are downloaded as .zip files, once unpacked, you can put them with the rest of your music or britpod files and drag em into iTunes or whatever other app you use, just like ordinary .mp3 files


“When you have Youtube videos, is that a different thing than what’s being shoved into my iTunes?”

The BritPod podcast feed contains both audio and video episodes, when a video episode is recorded, this is also uploaded to Youtube. However due to more restraints on Youtube, the Youtube version may be edited so the Podcast version is always your best bet.


“I had a dream that BritPod gave birth to a mutant baby with one eye and a massive Manli Wang, is this true?”

Partially, there is another BritPod feed called BritPod Live. The BritPod Live feed has a mixture of downloads for your listening pleasure, including standalone skits, Audio Only versions of BritPod Video Episodes, and the BritPod Live show, where the BritPod Crew chat with a group of listeners at the same time for hectic, random shenanigans.  Click here for the BritPod Live feed, or subscribe to the direct URL here:




Happy Listening!

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