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There are many ways you can participate in the show, from old fashioned email, Twitter and Facebook, and calling into the show during our recordings.

Email: Send emails to britpod at gmail.com (‘at’ is @ without spaces, you know, basic Interwebs mail, this is a feeble attempt at reducing spam)

Twitter: Follow James’ Twatter at twitter.com/britpod

Facebook: James’ Facebook is here and the Facebook BritPod Group is here

Skype: Add “BritPod” to your friends list. When we’re recording, which will be announced on Twitter and Facebook and occasionally on the website, you can send a text chat to us on Skype requesting to join the Call-In list.  DO NOT CALL! We’ll pick from those of you who message us and try to get everyone on air.

When you’re calling into the show, please make sure you haven’t got any bloody fans going, no TV or radio on, or are doing the hoovering while on air. A decent headset is always nice, but at least wear some headphones so we can keep the quality of the audio somewhat decent for the listeners.

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Comments (8)

  • Graeme . June 10, 2011 .

    I like the – DO NOT CALL – bit lol reminds me of alex

    • tsarevich . June 14, 2011 .

      yeah that was annoying as hell. And if people kept calling I would block them lol.

  • Alex . July 6, 2011 .

    hahaha erik!

  • Daybip . July 16, 2011 .

    Join In and be part of the Footure. . . .

  • foz . October 11, 2011 .

    Alright you big fat bastards. How can we join in here on the site? If you think that decent cunts are going to post shit on your fb site and expose their grandmothers to your sick n twisted worlds, you’re mistaken.
    I’m still listening, when does Graeme get a go?

  • (Author) James . October 11, 2011 .

    When he cleans up and gets off the drugs, he’s doing Whizzers, Floaters, Drifters, Southern Cockbashers, and let’s not forget whazzin down the public lavs on Gordon’s Brownies

  • foz . December 15, 2011 .

    Graeme clearly took his chance to present the show but mistook it for his dad. Cos he blew it ….
    Back to dreary old scotland with his mutated tail between his legs.

  • Captain Ron . June 26, 2016 .

    I just wanted to be the first person to comment in five years.

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