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BritPod Fund Drive 2012 – URGENT!

July 25, 2012.James.0 Likes.4 Comments

Go on! Give us one! (or 5)

Update: I just realized our dates were screwed, the Americans write the month first and day second, what kind of barbaric practice is that? I dunno, anyway, we now have days to pay for the server for the next two years, not months.. so please please hit that donate button and give us a hand, otherwise BP may forever vanish!


We need to raise $225 bucks to pay for the server for the next two years, please donate and get yourself added to our homeless shelter wall!

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Comments (4)

  • Littleai . July 9, 2012 .

    All ready donated as I want to keep listening to britpod

  • Dave . July 21, 2012 .

    Shit, of all the times for me to go abroad without my card. I’ll give you some when I get home on tuesday.

  • Dave . July 25, 2012 .

    there you go guys have some squids

  • Mark . August 24, 2012 .

    thanks to everyone who donated – we got there 2 more years secured

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