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Just a little update to the site, there’d be more if audience participation here was more frequent you know.
We have a fairly healthy amount of website traffic, so we know you’re there.. lurking in the shadows. Probably knocking one out.

Anyway, last night we recorded BritPod 98.. we had intended on recording two shows, but we had too much fun on 98 and got too drunk to record a second, so expect a bumper long BP98 and a new recording mid-month for 99 as we ready ourselves for BritPod 100!

We’re currently writing sketches for a new video-series of BritPod, we’re hoping to get some fast, side-splitting skits to go on YouTube and the Podcast feed with the hopes that like Mark’s penis, will go mega-viral!

To help us with this move financially, we’re considering holding a live-on-air Christmas Party, on one of them there live-video sites (recommendations?) where we can directly participate with the listeners, and hopefully raise some donations to help us fund the video series. Nothing crazy and no pressure, cause money is tighter than my butt cheeks, but any support is always gladly welcome.

Also in the new year, we’re working on launching a new BP store where TShirts and other swag, designed and hand printed by myself, will be available to purchase for just over cost, a thrifty alternative for those of you who wear bin bags and wank-socks.

Well, that’s all for now, look out for BP98 in the next few days!


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  • Dave . November 6, 2011 .

    That all sounds awesome guys especially the new store, I expect a “I was touched by Ted Heath” T-shirt!

    As for the video site, what is wrong with skypes? If you want one where we can watch you and then type at you may I suggest tiny chat.

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