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BritPod 87: Stuck in the Middle with Samuel

May 18, 2011.James.0 Likes.3 Comments

More episodes in a week than were being released in an effin YEAR. That’s right boys and girls, another BritPod!

Recording over the magical evening that was May 13th and the less magical but more pungent May 16th, this episode discusses the social economic collapse of western society and it’s effects on the Pigmy tribes of South East Wales.

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Comments (3)

  • Graeme . May 18, 2011 .

    I must hav died n gone to heaven :mrgreen:

    • Vanbinho . May 18, 2011 .

      it was quarter past eleven

      • Dave . May 19, 2011 .

        On a Saturday night in 1999

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